Remote Control

How many hours in your life do you think you’ve wasted trying to turn on your television with a complicated remote? What’s even more frustrating is trying to switch back and forth between the right remote control just to get the TV to turn on. There’s a pretty good chance you’ve encountered this situation more than once or twice in your lifetime, but there are ways to limit the mess of remotes.


App Based Control

Control your home from your phone, any where in the world. Whether it’s adjusting the temperature before you get home, opening the garage door as you are entering the neighborhood or turning on the lights to make it appear as if you’re home. 

Lighting Control

This comes in many forms, from pressing one button to turn off all of the lights in your home, to using a tabletop keypad rather than getting up to hit a switch on the wall, using your phone to adjust lights from anywhere, or having lights adjust automatically according to sensors, time of day, or sunrise and sunset.


Door Control

Afraid of missing that special package? Friends arrive a little earlier than expected? Not to worry! We can give you full door control over your front door, garage door, gate or fence from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

Shade Control

Have you been thinking about making your home more energy efficient? One of the easiest ways to do so is to use automation. Smart, motorized shades and blinds let you control the solar gain and heat loss throughout your home. Simply by programming your blinds and shades to open and close at predetermined times can save you energy and money.