Whole House Audio

Whole house music and multi-room systems are very popular in homes and living spaces of all shapes and sizes. There are many ways to send music throughout a home, including wired and/or wireless connections that enable control from anywhere. You can use an existing receiver as the center hub, or you can install a dedicated whole house music system. The amount of effort involved can range from adding a speaker switch to a receiver, to do-it-yourself wired/wireless networking, or something more sophisticated that would require professional installation.


Landscape Audio

Summertime brings two things that most of us really enjoy: warmer days and great outdoor concerts. There is nothing better than being outside on a beautiful evening and listening to your favorite band under the stars! Some of us are even lucky enough to be able to enjoy outdoor evenings most of the year. Pairing wonderful music with your outdoor entertainment during the warmer months takes the entertainment experience to another level.

Home Theater

Although it’s easy enough to watch a TV show, movie or sports game from your television, tablet or smartphone, these convenient technologies don’t come close to providing the viewing experience of a home theater.  The natural reaction is to associate a home theatre with the most lavish, extravagant homes, and assume it’s not an attainable goal for you.  However, thanks to affordable technology and creative design strategies, you too can have a custom home theater experience inside your home.



Sound bars owe their existence to flat-panel TVs. Sure, those skinny screens produce a crystal-clear picture. But their tiny built-in speakers can’t even reproduce dialogue clearly, much less deliver convincing explosions, car crashes and all the other mayhem that keeps us riveted by our favorite movies and TV shows. So the goal of the sound bar is to provide a sonic experience that more closely matches the TV’s lifelike picture. Equipment makers use a variety of methods to achieve that goal, and pretty much any sound bar you choose is going to sound better than your TV’s speakers. A lot better.

Dolby Atmos®

From the biggest commercial cinemas to the smallest of home theaters, Dolby Atmos is one of the latest ways to get surrounded by sound — now from above! While Atmos soundtracks will work with a traditional five-speaker-and-subwoofer (5.1) system, one of its main benefits is a greater ability to work with as many (or few) speakers as you have.