Distributed Audio

Giving you quality sound throughout your space. Every commercial business will benefit with distributed audio whether it’s different music playing in every room or different sound levels to please all guests.


Sound Masking

A sound masking system brings “low level background noise” into the work space, to disguise intruding and annoying noises and conversations that are usually present in office complexes. Sound masking systems provide a noise comparable to the sound that a quiet industrial air conditioning unit makes – a soft “whooshing” sound.


Regardless of the size or complexity of your facility, an intercom or overhead paging system will allow you to notify your employees and customers, quickly and effectively. Paging systems can run standalone or interface to most phone systems. Overhead systems can page to different zones without disturbing other departments. When the system is not being used for paging you have the option of playing quiet music, broadcasting informative messages or hearing nothing at all.



Sound bars owe their existence to flat-panel TVs. Sure, those skinny screens produce a crystal-clear picture. But their tiny built-in speakers can’t even reproduce dialogue clearly, much less deliver convincing explosions, car crashes and all the other mayhem that keeps us riveted by our favorite movies and TV shows. So the goal of the sound bar is to provide a sonic experience that more closely matches the TV’s lifelike picture. Equipment makers use a variety of methods to achieve that goal, and pretty much any sound bar you choose is going to sound better than your TV’s speakers. A lot better.

Dolby Atmos®

From the biggest commercial cinemas to the smallest of home theaters, Dolby Atmos is one of the latest ways to get surrounded by sound — now from above! While Atmos soundtracks will work with a traditional five-speaker-and-subwoofer (5.1) system, one of its main benefits is a greater ability to work with as many (or few) speakers as you have.